Our Mission

Beauty in Simplicity

Our love for hand-poured candles stems from our love of the simple things in life: walking our dogs, playing the alphabet game on a road trip, the first cup of coffee on a Sunday morning.  These are the little things that mean everything to us.  So in our candles, we tend to the finest details to ensure we are offering you the best, cleanest aromas, with sustainable, natural soy wax, in simple, beautiful vessels that we are proud to display.

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Let the beauty of the Lowcountry spark beauty in your day.

Our scents are inspired by the beauty that surrounds us every day in Savannah and the surrounding Lowcountry.  Everything from Georgia Pecans to Tybee Island sunsets impact the beauty we see in the world and the beauty we want to share with you in our candles.  Our candles are made from only non-toxic, premium fragrances and high quality essential oils.  These include phthalate free fragrances and organic oils from the finest makers in the country.


Beautiful candles to help make a beautiful world.

We wouldn’t be living true to ourselves if we didn’t use our business platform to help impact positive change in the world around us. 

There are so many fine organizations that contribute to making our world a better place, so we are going to partner with a different organization every 3 months to support a broad variety of organizations that promote causes important to us and to you. And this is the fun part.  It is the money that you use to buy our candles that is going to support these causes, so we want to hear from you for where you want that money to go!  In our quarterly newsletter, look for a section to nominate or tell us about causes that mean the most to you. 

A sample of our non-profit and charitable causes we have partnered with so far:


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